Aug. 25,'99- 
     Hey folks. Listen, I've got a ton of stuff ready to put on this site and I've worked pretty hard getting it all. But I'm afraid I can't put it up for one simple reason... no one is clicking on my sponsors. Hey, it's not a hard thing to do and it only takes a second. With all the work I'm doing for you guys I expect at least a little common courtesy. By clicking you provide me with my income and my incentive for doing all this. I currently have a bunch of Other's Works ready for posting and three new creations for the My Works section (including the new edition of the Netbook of Darklords and Realms). Now the deal is this: for every 100 clicks I'll add 1 item to the Other's Work section and for every 1000 clicks I get I'll add one new item or update to the My Works section. Thanks.
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